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Mr. Art’s professional career in education has bridged three continents. He has been a teacher in South America, a teacher in rural one-room schoolhouses, a teacher in a large urban school, an instructor for future teachers at the University of Arizona, an instructor for future administrators at the University of Phoenix, a curriculum consultant in a large urban school district, an acting superintendent, a principal of four elementary schools, and a principal of a K-8 school.

As principal of Davidson Elementary school in Tucson, AZ he worked with the Department of Education in building the State’s first Green/LEAD (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified School. His school programs have been recognized nationally and on radio and TV for the innovative and successful improvements made to the school community. He has been recognized as Arizona Teacher of the Year, and given the Distinguished Educator Award at the University of Arizona. He is married with three children.

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Seoul International School

Seoul Internation School

    Supervise the coordination, planning and assessment of the elementary school curriculum activities and oversees the implementation of the school programs, policies and procedures. Developed a school-wide teacher evaluation system based on best practices. Monitor curriculum development, articulation and assessment and staff development. Provide instructional guidance and support based on best practices.

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Chadwick International School( Songdo International School )

Songdo International School

Collaborated with a team of School Planners from Harvard, International School Service and the South Korean government to establish a 150 million dollar, K-12 world-class International school with asustainable LEED design and state of the art integrated technologies. Established and managed a school start up Due Diligence chart in order to maintain opening schedule. Acquired furniture, playground equipment, and instructional materials for the new school. Developed the Mission, Values and Beliefs for the new school’s start up. Worked with local Korean and US Architects, Construction Project Managers, and City Developers in thebuilding of the new school. Presented the schools vision and construction progress to various groups in and around South Korea.

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Davidson Elementary

Implemented four school-wide programs to 425 students which brought Davidson from an Underperforming status to a Performing status for four consecutive years. Wrote and coordinated several State and Federal Grants worth over $2M dollars. Supervised, monitored and approved expenditures for Title 1, Reading First, and AZ School improvement. Coordinated and supervised the design and construction of Arizona’s First Leadership in Environmental Energy Design (LEED) certified award winning school. Established a comprehensive school-wide attendance program that raised attendance from 78% to 97% and was locally and nationally recognized.

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Keeling Elementary

Implemented three school-wide programs to 550 students which improved standardized test scores by 30% in reading and math. Coordinated and supervised new school construction. Achieved the district’s best climate survey results at a school where 94% of its students are on FederalAid, 68% are second language learners with three self-contained Exceptional Ed Programs. Supervised, monitored, and approved expenditures of a $2.7M site budget.Coordinated and supervised a multi-task volunteer neighborhood program that repaired 55 homes for theelderly.

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Supervised, monitored and approved expenditures of a $3.9M budget for 1,400 students and 100 certified and classified staff members. Worked with staff and students to achieve 20% improvement in test scores

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Jefferson Park

Implemented policies on Desegregation and Title 1 programs. Developed training programs for low-income families.

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